UTMA Short Terms

UTMA’s Short courses of Medicine and health(SCMH) program includes disciplines that focus on the diagnosis, treatment, prevention of illnesses and diseases as well as the care and rehabilitation of human beings and other living organisms.

World’s Traditional and Alternative Medicine and diagnostic methods.

  1. Traditional chinese medicine (TCM)
    Acupuncture of Scalp (TCMAS)
    Chinese phytotherapy (TCMP)
  2. Iranian traditional,Alternative and Complementary Medicine Methods (ITCA)
    Psymentology (IAMP)
    Iranian Traditional Medicine (ITM)
  3. Homeopathy (HPT)
  4. Phytotherapy (PHT)
  5. Music Therapy (MTM)
  6. Moxibustion (MXT)
  7. needly-burning therapy (NBT)
  8. Iridology (IDM)
  9. manual therapy (MTT)
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